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Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation Limited was founded in 1999, with an aim to:

1 United comics and animation industry, promotion of comics & animation culture.
2 Strengthen the positive awareness of the community members on comics and animation.
3 Linked around the world comics & animation industry.
4 Nurturing local comics and a
nimation talent.


Mr. Wong, Tony - Jade Dynasty Publications Ltd

​​Vice President

Mr. Wan, Alan  - Comics Plus Company Limited

Mr. Tang, Thomas - Rightman Publishing Ltd

General Secretary

Ms. Ma, Ronnie - Jonesky Limited

Executive Committee Members

Mr. Cheng, Hon Yi - Tung Tak Enterprise Ltd
Mr. Toby - Culturecom Ltd
Ms. Ma, Ronnie - Jonesky Limited

Mr. Dick Kwong - Art Comics Studio Ltd


28 Jul - 1 Aug 2023

Ani-Com Game Hong Kong Expo 2023 

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